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I am registered with the GMC as a recognised Educational Trainer. Having trained in the Region, I have a keen interest in Training the local Trauma and Orthopaedics trainees from BOTP, Coventry & Warwickshire and Oswestry, as well as Spciality Doctors (SD) within the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. I am proactive about training and understand the educational needs of current SpRs post-pandemic and in ever so pressurised NHS. I, therefore, take a keen interest in ensuring that training is tailored to the level of SpRs/SD.

For the SpRs/SD working along with me, I organise ‘bespoke’ Cadaveric Laboratory days in Shoulders, Elbows and Knees with the help of industry partners. The days are organised to cover both Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty aspects of the rotation. This provides a good platform for visiting anatomy, common procedures and more importantly letting the trainees be independent.

My previous trainees include:

  • Aug 2023 – Mr Nayeem Hali (Specialty Doctor)
  • Feb 2023 – Mr Talal Quadri (Specialty Doctor)
  • Aug 2022 – Mr Atif Ayoub (ST5, C&W)
  • Feb 2022 – Mr Mohamed Khalefa (ST6, BOTP)
  • Aug 2021 - Miss Natalie Green (ST4, BOTP)
  • Feb 2021 – Mr Sunil Yellu (Specialty Doctor)
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